The Darker Side of Community

Thanks to the fine people over at Community Beer Co., we were able to stop by their taproom and try a sneak peek of their soon to be released six-month barrel-aged Legion.

Legion is Community’s Russian imperial stout which is now one of their staple beers available year-round. Wonderful on it’s own They have taken Legion, already a velvety, deep, dark chocolate-nosed force to be reckoned with, and set it aside to age for six months in spent bourbon and whisky barrels collected from Jack Daniel’s, Heaven Hill, and a few other distilleries.

Six months in a barrel will change any man. What it does to this beer, though, is truly a thing of brewty. (see what I did there?) The Legion stout was able to infuse itself with half a year’s worth of charred oak and residual whiskey sweetness that only proves to deepen the already dark roasted malt flavors without being overly bitter.

It tastes like that warm, fuzzy feeling you got when you saw Davy Crockett and Jack Daniel beating the shit out of Vladimir Putin while Rasputin looked on and did nothing.

Community Barrel-Aged Legion logo with snifter

Community Beer Co’s Barrel-Aged Legion Stout is best enjoyed in front of a fire, naked, on a bear-skin rug.

Man behind bar with beer on counter

Kevin Carr, founder of Community Beer Co., explains the aging process of the barrrel-aged Legion

I know… I’m just as confused as you are.

At 11.6% ABV you may only need one or two to get the job done. I had four.

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