Dallas Brew Bus

All Aboard the Dallas Brew Bus

If the bad guy from Speed put a bomb on the Dallas Brew Bus, nobody would care. They’re all having too good of a time to give a shit. And the only reason the bus would stay over 50 mph is so that it could get all the thirsty passengers to the next brewery more quickly.

CSTX’s Ride on The Dallas Brew Bus

Last weekend, my brother and I took a ride on the Dallas Brew Bus which took us to Nine Band Brewing in Allen, newly opened Oak Highlands Brewery in Lake Highlands, and ended up at Community Beer Co. in the design district. In the process, we heard from the brewers, learned about and sampled many of their beers, and made some friends along the way. All you have to do is listen to my slurred speech in the later minutes of the video to understand how good of a time we had. We did our best to document the process in the video below, camera in one hand, beer in the other.

The Dallas Brew Bus Experience

As you might have read, we featured the Brew Bus in our Things To Do in Dallas post a few months back. This post is for those that need a little more convincing. The Dallas Brew Bus was started by Jordan Moon and Matt Dixon of Dallas Brew Scene, whose goal is to educate Texans on the magical wonder that is North Texas craft beer. The breweries visited on the Brew Bus changes from tour to tour so every ride on the bus is unique. On our excursion there was a healthy mix of first time riders as well as veteran riders, some of which had ridden the the Brew Bus over 13 times.

Not only does the Brew Bus provide riders with an opportunity to hit three breweries in one afternoon and try a ton of different beers, but they’ll also get an education on the history of craft brew in Dallas and the breweries and beers themselves. While traveling on the Brew Bus from brewery to brewery, Matt and Jordan educate riders on different styles of brewing and provide some background and factoids of the next brewery stop on the bus. ProTip: Sit near the front and make sure to pay close attention to Matt and Jordan on the bus in between stops. You’ll lear a lot and who knows? There might be a quiz at the end of the tour and maybe there are really cool prizes. But, who knows?

Though I know it’s apparent in the video, it’s hard for me not to gush over things like this. What Matt and Jordan are doing with Dallas Brew Scene, Brew Bus and all, is embracing what Texans are creating and sharing with everyone, and that is what The Coolest Stuff in Texas is all about.

For tour dates, tickets, and more information check out the Dallas Brew Bus.


“Harry, there’s enough beer on this thing to put a hole in the world!”

-Keanu Reeves in Speed 1

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  1. texascharterbuscompany

    We had the opportunity to be a part of the first beer/dinner pairing. It was a great experience. It allowed us to visit small places & sample food that we never knew were there. Amy does a wonderful job putting these events together, the food samples were better this time, but I still suggest you back the beer sizes down to 8oz, or 4 oz samples, no one minds buying more if necessary. Another great Brewbus experience……oh but we missed Sherry!!!!

  2. joel

    I used the Brew Bus for my birthday celebration and these people could not be more pleasant to work with. They are incredibly friendly and flexible and a breeze to work with. They are quick to get back to you whether via phone or email, their prices are incredibly reasonable for what you’re getting, and the beer on board was tasty! I would highly recommend the Tampa Bay Brew Bus to anyone I know, and I will definitely use them again in the future.

  3. qzeltravel

    I booked the brew bus for a team building at work. It was by far the best one we have done. Aaron was so accommodating. He picked the breweries and they were the perfect ones! Our hosts were extremely helpful and fun. The driver was great as well. I have had a few people already ask when we will do it again !!

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