Panther Island Cannonball

Panther Island Brewing’s Cannonball

Two weeks ago, like most weeks, my dog, Jake and I headed over to Lakewood Growler for an afternoon drink. I try to be responsible and always get a flight of 4 beers before I make a decision on which beer will live in my growler for the next few days…or hours.

At Lakewood Growler, a flight is four 4 oz. beers. The first one was good. The second was Panther Island’s Cannonball. When I took the first sip of the Cannonball, the two remaining beers became party favors.  I don’t even remember what they were.

Cannonball is Panther Island Brewing Company’s Scotch Strong Ale. This beer is dark with a thick, silky, tan head.   Cannonball starts with a dark caramel nose that gives way to a full body of roasted malt with a medium mouth-feel (where Guinness has a heavy mouth feel and a Coors Light has basically none).  It ends with notes of chocolate and a feeling like you just made a high-backed leather chair by hand.  One thing I love about this beer is that, unlike some other scotch strong ales, you can drink more than one of these.  That’s if you can get out of the way of the 8% alcohol, which leaves you feeling pretty good after a couple of these bad boys.

This week, however, I am having trouble finding it again.  So, if you see it pop up at any of your local filling stations, grab it, and leave a comment telling me where to find it.

I highly suggest filling up with this dark burly ale. I’m going to again. Then probably again.

Name: Cannonball

Brewer: Panther Island Brewing Company

Filled at: Lakewood Growler, Dallas, TX

Style: Scotch Strong Ale

ABV: 8.0%

IBU: 24

Tasting Notes:

Deep, dark brown, almost red. But let’s be honest, it’s black.

Roasted Malt


Caramel and chocolate finish

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