¡Taco Libre! Dallas 2015: Video Recap

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If you were one of the unlucky folks that missed out on Saturday’s Taco Libre taco festival in downtown Dallas, I’m sorry… I truly am. The festival was a huge success to say the least. With a great lineup of local bands, Lucha Libre wrestling, and an unbelievable lineup of Dallas’ best taqueros serving up some of the greatest tacos that Dallas has to offer, this truly was an event that any self respecting Taco lover would give an arm and a leg to attend.

The tacos were fairly priced at $2 a piece, which is maybe a bit more than what you might pay at any taco stand. As far as festival food prices go, I’d say the price-per-taco at Taco Libre was more than reasonable, considering the craftsmanship and quality of each and every taco served at the event. Alcoholic beverage prices were typical of any festival or sporting event you might attend, but that was to be expected. (TIP: A beer at an event will likely cost you 6x that of a single beer at the grocery store aka “the rule of six.” For example, a single beer at an event will cost you cost you about the same amount a six-pack of the same beer would cost at a convenience store).

After eating what could be considered a dangerous amount of tacos, the CSTX crew finally got a chance to catch up with one of the festival organizers, Tai Thomsen just after she had finished bar backing for the first time ever to help the bartenders deal with the crowd. Though soaked head to toe in water from the beer coolers, Tami met us grinning from ear to ear. She explained to us that the turnout was much greater than expected, so much so that they were pulling ticket takers and festival staff from their designated posts to help serve drinks and help out wherever possible. That’s a great problem to have, especially for a brand new festival. Next year they will aim to expand the festival grounds into the surrounding streets to accommodate larger crowds.

Despite the sweltering heat, the first ever Taco Libre Dallas festival proved a big hit. During peak hours of the festival, when shady real estate in which to enjoy your tacos was hot commodity, Dallasites were lined up almost completely around the Main Street Garden Park to get their taste of some of Dallas’ greatest taco delicacies.

Though you may have missed the festival, you don’t have to wait until next year’s Taco Libre to experience the fare. I suggest you visit every single one of the taquerias featured at this year’s Taco Libre Dallas. ABOVE or BELOW, you’ll find our Taco Map that includes the locations of the taquerias and vendors from the event. If I’ve missed any, please let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the page so I can add them.

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  1. Luis olvera

    So great to be a part of this event, Trompo is located at 315 W. JEFFERSON BLVD, DALLAS TX 75208. Loved seeing a picture of my tacos at 1:15 🙂

    • Hayden Faram

      Thanks for letting us know! We’ve updated the address on the map. And those are some mighty fine looking tacos.

    • Hayden Faram

      How did I miss that one? Tacos Heads is definitely another one of my favorites as well. I’ve got the added. Thanks for the Heads up!

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