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Football Rules, Halloween Drools

You’ll love this one. The town of Decatur, Texas (pop. 6,042) is located about 50 or 60 miles northwest of Dallas, and, like all small towns in Texas, wholesale NFL jerseys high school football wholesale NBA jerseys is king.

The Decatur Eagles play their final football game of the season this Friday against the Gainesville Leopords. As you do in Texas, wholesale NFL jerseys instead of moving the VE game, you Miami Dolphins Jerseys move the national holiday.

The Decatur City Council voted to move Halloween to Thursday, October 30th at the suggestion of both the Mayor and the Chief of Police Rex Hoskins, who dedicates a full third of his police force to the weekly Friday night games.

The police chief also noted that most of the kids in town Al would otherwise most likely attend Lakewood’s the game rather than go trick-or-treating anyway.

Way to show where the NAHA real priorities lie, Decatur. I have to say that I agree.


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